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Parking Spaces Set to Open Near Education Building

Ten to 12 additional parking spaces will be created as an “island” in the area south of Graham Hall as the Campus Transformation contractor finishes his landscaping work in the Centennial Plaza North area. Crews continue to finish concrete, landscaping and irrigation “punch list” items around the plazas and at the Miner Canyon student housing complex.

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Crews Erect Fence to Secure Barry Hall Demolition Area

The contractor continues to demolish Barry Hall on the west side of campus next to Sun Bowl Drive and remove the debris. The project is scheduled for completion by mid-October 2015. Crews have erected a chain-link fence to secure the area that will be the site of the planned Interdisciplinary Research Building. Workers plan to stabilize the ground after the demolition work is finished

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Crews Add Signage, Landscaping to Transformation Area

A little landscaping and a few new signs to identify buildings are the only things left to do in the Centennial Plaza/Old Main areas. Crews will continue to add a few shrubs, trees and flowering plants in the campus core. Crews also will install a few more of the exterior locator signs in front of Old Main, Quinn and Vowell halls, and the Fox Fine Arts Complex.

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Campus Map

Use the maps provided for general navigation within the UTEP campus.

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Construction won't affect UTEP events. Plan ahead using our venue maps.

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Visiting UTEP

Planning on visiting UTEP? Please use the maps provided to find your destination.

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Centennial Plaza

Learn more about how the projects will affect the campus core.

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Construction Pete

Construction Pete Explains

An image of Paydirt Pete as a construction worker will be an icon used to help people identify the campus transformation construction work. Watch for him across campus.


UTEP Today Boards

UTEP Today Boards

UTEP Today monitors are digital signage screens that display information relevant to students, faculty & staff. Campus transportation will also be posted on these boards. Look for them inside of campus buildings.